Friday, 11 September 2015

Kate Henshaw reveals why she may soon leave twitter

Nollywood veteran actress Kate Henshaw has aired her displeasure after her twitter account was suspended..She wrote

A few days ago, I wanted to send out a tweet but to my surprise found that my account had been suspended. One of the processes required to unsuspend my account was to write an appeal. Appeal? When I had done nothing wrong??! Also one required that I add my phone number.. I tried told me I had not put in a valid phone number.. At this point I gave up. A few friends reached out to me because as far as I was concerned, I am blameless in this whole saga. I decided to leave it to them to decide to restore the account on their own because I was sure nothing wrong was done on my part....definitely!!Anyway, so today I tried again and was sent this message of apology which also included warning me to behave... Na wa..For the love of my fans, my work and brands that I represent I followed the instructions and presto, account back on.If in the future you dont see me on Twitter anymore, it will be that an incident like this has occurred again and I have let it go. Social media has a way of trying to dominate one's life as we advance in technology. There has to be a balance. It will not rule mine.
Have a lovely weekend dears. Hugs.

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