Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chris Brown Suffers Major Backlash for Saying He was Suicidal After Assaulting Rihanna; He Fires Back

Yesterday, Chris Brown attempted to make people feel sorry for him when he releasedthe trailer of his new project, ‘Welcome to My World’, but the singer only managed to get a backlash.
“I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. I just was getting high,” the 26-year-old father of one said in the documentary, adding that he ‘felt like a monster’ after brutally assaulting then-girlfriend, Rihanna.

Well, if he was reaching for sympathy, the insanely gifted singer got none from media houses and fans, and it is all thanks to how he treats women AFTER assaulting Rihanna.
Recall that weeks ago, singer Kehlani attempted suicide when she was ‘busted’ for cheating on her basketballer boyfriend Kyrie Irving and Breezy dragged her on social media, claimed that she never attempted suicide.
“There is no attempting suicide,” Chris Brown wrote on Twitter, adding, “Stop flexing for the gram. Doing shit for sympathy so them comments under your pics don’t look so bad.” And when he was called out for all the insensitive comments, he insulted more women and said,  “I don’t give a f**k!*”
Well, the media and fans flipped the finger at him yesterday after he dropped the trailer, even the biggest houses like New York Magazine, Paper and more, joined in roasting him. 

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