Tuesday, 19 April 2016

T.I. Charge $40,000 to Perform at a Fan’s Funeral

It is so easy to drag an artiste’s image on social media. Because of this many quickly speak out and set the records straight, before damage is done.

And so was it for rapper T.I. who was accused of charging $40,000 to attend the funeral of the son of one of his fans. The story was first shared by the family who called him out for asking for such outrageous fees. According to them, their late child was a huge T.I. fan and to pay their final respect, they sent a message to the rapper who replied.
Read the note here:
But T.I. who recently welcomed his 7th child has slammed that claim. “Nobody contacted me for no such thing,” he wrote on Instagram, adding, “What people should do is be aware of who they are contacting and not believe every Dick, Tom and Harry who say they are connected.”
Read his full note:
So, who do fans believe?
This is not the first time celebrities are being accused of making outrageous demands especially in tragic circumstances.
Last year, at the peak of the Flint, Michigan, lead poisoning that led to deaths in the United States, producer Timbaland was invited to perform at a charity event, but it ended in an altercation after the organisers refused to offer him his brand bubbly, Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac, which goes for as much as $300 a bottle. Read it up

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