Tuesday, 19 April 2016

‘You Bring Pain to Others But Scream When Same is Done to You!’-Caroline Danjuma Throws Epic Shade

Moments ago, Caroline Danjuma took to Instagram to shade an unnamed rival, someone she calls a bully. “They never know what it feels like to be bullied and called a liar till it is done to them. Then they run around screaming,” the actress captioned a meme which read ‘We can only make big impact from collective small efforts.’

It is unclear who Danjuma is referring to, though people are already making a few guesses based on recent events in Nigerian social media platforms.
With her husband and children. Credit: Bellanaija

However, this is the first controversial statement the actress and producer is making since returning from a brief hiatus. Recall that Caroline Danjuma finally addressed the viral stories of how her billionaire husband has been cheating on her, and clarified that she will not be filing for divorce as her husband supports her financially and cares for their children; she chooses to ignore his inadequacies just to make the marriage work. 
Well, the Nollywood star is back and firing on all cylinders, only that we are wondering why she is holding back from naming names. Read her full note:
Who are you talking to, Caro? LOL.

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