Friday, 6 May 2016

50 Cent: I Will no Longer Share Photos of my Son again on social media

50 Cent is still catching a lot of flak for bullying an autistic airport worker, and now the rapper, who shared the photo of his 3-year-old son Sire, has bowed under pressure from social media, saying that he would never post the photo of his boy again on social media.

It started yesterday after the G-Unit boss reportedly paid $100,000 to Autism Speaks and begged his fellow celebrities to also contribute to the society, but came on Instagram to brag about how much he gave. “Like how much of my money did you give away dad!” The rapper spoke using his son’s photo, adding, “Don’t worry, karma will come back. It always does.”

The insensitive post was met with a lot of comments, especially from people who argued that donating money to the society will not take away what the rapper did as he is obviously not remorseful.
Recall that this all began after 50 Cent shared a clip of himself picking on an airport worker, Andrew Farrell, who turned out to be autistic, and his family clapped back.
Following the backlash from last night, the rapper changed the caption of Sire’s photo, informing fans that he will no longer share Sire’s photos on his page.

And how are fans reacting to this?
Here’s what they think:

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