Monday, 23 May 2016

How do Resourceful, Beautiful Women With the Bangest Bodies Deal With Cheating Men?

Today, Caroline Danjuma shared a new photo and it has set her page on fire as fans are falling over each other to say nice things about how impossibly beautiful she is, with a body that has many people burning in degrees of jealousy.

For a woman with children and an active presence in the movie industry, Mrs Danjuma has become a force to reckon with, albeit her name is many times associated with her husband Musa Danjuma’s cheating scandals. Weeks ago, news of  his latest outing with an alleged mistress made rounds on social media and the actress admitted for the first time that he cheats on her, and she had been threatened by one of his mistresses. But she explained, in details, why she will not push for divorce.
Caroline Danjuma, husband Musa Danjuma and their sons.
There has been pressure from fans who gave unsolicited advise, asking her to call it quits, there also has been sort of sincere notes from fans who encouraged her to preserve, but the question that rankles many fans’ mind is this: why do men who have resourceful, beautiful women cheat?
For actress Dakore Egbuson, she told Black Magazine in April:
“You could have a banging body and a terrible personality. Your banging bods may help you get a man but won’t necessarily keep him. I want to believe that the general driver to look your best is usually for yourself; all other reasons are secondary.”
But, isn’t that placing the burden of sustaining a relationship on the woman, while excusing the man? A man simply needs to show up, while the woman goes through hell to make him comfortable – to keep him. If he fails to be faithful to that relationship, then she must have done something wrong.
However, Caroline Danjuma may have found the best way to deal with the situation. “I see a man who takes good care of our kids, a man who has supported me financially, yes he might not be the best husband but I appreciate him in every way,” she wrote in April. No one ever gets a complete man.”
Well, she does have the complete body; check out her latest photo that has gotten everyone talking:
And here’s what her fans think:

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