Wednesday, 18 May 2016

‘I’m old enough to get married but…’ – Phyno

He might be single with no known baby mama or lover, but he has just said he’s old enough to get married. Rapper Phyno was on Beat FM yesterday to talk about his forthcoming second studio album tentatively titled ‘Phyno the Playmaker’, where he was asked about getting married.

He began by reacting to a recent comment made by Flavour, where he said ‘marriage is not for everyone’.
Phyno said, ‘I think Flavour is right about entertainers and marriage. Right to some extent and wrong to some extent. Depends on your wife. If your wife is jealous, she may not be able to handle it’.
He continued, ‘For me, talking about marriage, when it happens it happens. I’m old enough to marry. But I’m married to the music right now’.
Asked about the growing baby mama trend among Nigerian showbiz stars, Phyno replied,‘I don’t believe I shouldn’t marry. 90% of acts that have baby mamas never planned it. Nobody dey plan am. When it happens, you then decide what to do. Your kid is your kid at the end of the day, whether you marry the mother or not’.

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