Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Jay Z’s first response to marriage rumours is one of a boss

Looks like Jay Z has spoken…
The rapper and business mogul’s first words since his wife, Beyoncé‘s narrations – or accusations – on her latest album ‘Lemonade’ is one that drips of dignity worthy of a boss.
Rarely seen granting interviews and also ‘dead’ on social media, the major outlet one can seemingly catch Shawn Carter speak on pressing issues is on records.
Apparently, Hov isn’t keen on waiting for the rumoured joint album with Beyonce to hit the airwaves before squeezing the juice from the lemonade.
‘You know you made it when the fact / Your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is / Survival of the littlest,’ he raps on a new remix of Fat Joe and Remy Ma‘s ‘All the Way Up’.
‘Prince left his masters where they safe and sound / We never gonna let the elevator take him down,’he also rapped in the honour of late pop icon, Prince on the record. The ‘elevator’ in the line also brings to memory the rapper’s infamous elevator scuffle with Solange Knowlesin 2015.
Jay Z is well known for his hidden messages in his lyrics, having written a book revealing the secrets behind some of his most memorable quotes.
So there you have it, Hova continues to make millions – with Bey just by his side – and he’s pulling no punches!

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