Saturday, 7 May 2016

Tiwa Savage VS Seyi Shay: The cold war everyone is talking about

Nigerian singers, Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay are surely not the best of friends.Since her career kicked off in Nigeria, Seyi Shay has always been compared to Tiwa Savage (and not always favourably).

This fresh war between both stars began in March 2016 when Seyi Shay while on the interview show, Rubbing Minds, said she does not really know Tiwa in person, that they are just colleagues.
Getting back at her, Tiwa Savage gave an interview to Urban 96 FM before her marital woes began, and the interview went viral online – especially because of her response to a question regarding Seyi Shay.
During the interview, Tiwa was asked how she felt having her colleague, Seyi Shay as a fellow Pepsi ambassador.
Tiwa’s reply was, ‘You are so…ugh…having an interview with this girl is crazy. See I knew you were going to drop this in anyway. Everybody has heard! What? Am I happy for Davido? Of course. I love him. He’s absolutely fantastic‘.
Her reply seemed like a clear shot at Seyi Shay who didn’t take it very well.
She took to her Instagram page with this post;
Realizing she may be misunderstood, she deleted the post and explained herself with yet another post;
Dont u just love this pic? classic case! .. ok! So I had to delete that post because people are now talking too much about things and people that have NOTHING to do with me... In reality I DONT CARE. I just got sidetracked with some silly 'ish'. 'I caught feelings, I'm now about to catch a flight' and 'face my work' 😋 I live my life, mind my business and I'm having fun with it, living everyday like its my last and Trying my best to be the best I can be for my God and my Jesus! - Salvation is personal. People should not be so concerned with the issues in this industry. I know it's hard because everyone wants to be entertained but Nothing is as it seems! Don't forget that while your being entertained. Don't let it affect your life negatively by allowing you to waste soooo much time when you could be making your own life better. BUT! I just LOVE my sense of humor!! 😂😂 (I do anyway). Have a great day!
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With all the drama going on, Tiwa Savage hasn’t said a word.
Listen to Tiwa’s full interview on Seyi Shay here.

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