Saturday, 14 May 2016

“Your Mother is a Dumpster Prostitute!”- Rapper TI Tells Fan Who Criticised His Rap

What is it with rappers attacking women at the slightest provocation?
Days ago, Nigerian rapper Illblis attacked the mother of a fan who criticised his music, and now his American counterpart, TI, is dragging the mother of a fan who had unkind things to say about his music.

It all started after the rapper shared details of his new song and the fan hopped on the post to say his mind about the artiste’s music. “Just give it up, nobody is checking for your music anymore,” the fan said. The rapper pounced on him and the argument degenerated in minutes ending with TI calling the critic’s mother a prostitute.
See the exchange:

Fans are currently shredding TI over such insensitive comments, and this brings to mind the backlash when Illbliss lashed out at a fan who also criticized his music. “May a thousand bats descend and rape your mother,” Illbliss said, sparking an outrage and was forced to apologise to the upset fan.
And that brings us to this: why do rappers take joy in putting women down?

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